About Us

420Packaging is an online packaging supply company that ships out of Orange County, CA. Family owned and operated, We have over 30 years of container and packaging experience. This industry expertise allows us to provide the highest quality packaging supplies at very affordable prices.

420Packaging is home to the Squeezetops® plastic child resistant container which is made in the USA. While this container is the greatest, we by no means are a "one trick pony". Along with containers we sell: Bags, Labels, Tubes, Cones, Papers and many other supplies making us a one stop shop for supplies.

Our hours of operation are: Open: 7:00 AM (Pacific) Close: 4:20 PM (Pacific)

Feel free to give us a call for any product questions and our highly trained customer service team will be glad to help you out!

All orders shipped out of Anaheim, Orange County, CA warehouse that also serves as Will Call pickup counter.


1150 North Red Gum
Anaheim, CA US
Contact Us. 702-758-3420

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