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Skilletools "Pro Tools" Silver Dabber Tools

Skilletools "Pro Tools" Silver Dabber Tools

Your Price: $14.95
Premium 2 pcs selection of tools for dabbing extracts
Part Number: DAB-S2- PROT
Skilletools brand Stainless Steel Premium High Quality Dabbing Tools For Your Dabbing Needs. The Skilletools Pro Tools are two strong and sturdy concentrate oil tools that will not tarnish over time. The Pro Tools Dab Tool is perfect for use with concentrates, honey oil extracts, concentrated oil, concentrated medication and all vapor globes. This is a pack of two dab tools. One is a single sided long flat spatula style and the other is a dual sided tool that features a pointed flat spatula on one end and a curved flat paddle on the other with an easy grip handle in the middle.

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