115mm Mini Bomb Wide Cones® - 30mm Filter (1.5 Grams) 700/Box

Part Number:040-0017
115mm Mini Bomb Wide Cones® - 30mm Filter (1.5 Grams) 700/Box
The Original Cones Mini Bomb 115mm Cones
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Mini Bombs are extra wide 115mm pre-roll specialties. Available in Cones paper, these Cones® hold up to 1.5 grams, perfect for a hefty dose. At 420 Packaging we refer to this cone as the “tubby” one.

- Made with smooth burning rice paper
- Will not trail
- 30mm filter
- Easy to fill and handle
- Compatible with 115mm filling device
- Can be stored inside 115mm J-tubes

Item number 402-0017
Mini Bomb Wide Cones
700 per Box
Cone size - 115mm (4.25 inch)
Filter size - 30mm
Pre-rolled paper cones

Single Size 0.4g 70mm 26mm
Special Small 0.6g 84mm 26mm
Small 1.0g 98mm 20mm
Small De Luxe 0.8g 98mm 26mm
Slim 0.5g 109mm 40mm
King 1.3g 109mm 20mm
King De Luxe 1.1g 109mm 26mm
Mini Bomb 1.5g 115mm 30mm
Party 1.8g 140mm 26mm
Bomb 2.5g 150mm 35mm
Super Sized 3.8g 180mm 58mm
Giga 13.2g 280mm 88mm