12"x9" Lock N Slide ASTM Child Resistant Exit Bags 1000/Box

Part Number:CRLNS 12x9-1000
12"x9" Lock N Slide ASTM Child Resistant Exit Bags 1000/Box
Large 9x12 Lock N Slide Child Resistant Exit Bags
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The Lock N Slide Bag is the perfect ASTM and CPSC tested and certified child proof exit bag for your dispensary needs. This bag was designed with dual zipper mechanisms to ensure your dry herb, edibles, and concentrated products can be safely packaged and carry out of the store with zero smell and child resistant compliant with the most stringent state laws as enacted in the state of Colorado and Washington.

Lock N Slide Secure bags are classified in accordance with ASTM D3475 and are lab tested and certified using CPSC standards and protocol to conform to the requirements of a Poison Prevention Package (16 CFR 1700).

Holds up to 4 ounces (1/4 pound)

 For CPSC/ASTM Certification click here!

- Opaque White Bag All The Way Around
- Grip Texture For Easy Pinch N Slide Opening
- ASTM Child Resistant Bags
- Large Smell Proof Double Zipper

12"x9" Opaque White Bags
Bags hold approximately 4 grams of medication