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420-Sharp Plant Trimming Scissors
420 Harvest Plant Trimming Scissors

420-Sharp Plant Trimming Scissors

Your Price: $16.95
Part Number: 0045635 126701
Case Quantity: 1 Scissor
420-sharp scissors are made for the job. Garden shears are not as sharp, gum up quickly, and are uncomfortable when used for extended periods. You probably don't even realize how your scissors are holding you back until you start working with shears that are designed for the purpose. Overall your work will be more comfortable and will look professionally finished when using 420-sharp scissors.

420-sharp TM scissors are designed for hand-trimming purposes only. Avoid cutting down plants or thick stems and anything else that may dull the blade quickly. Scrape the accumulated sticky goodness from the blades after each use. Apply organic cooking spray on the scissor rivet periodically for smooth operation.

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