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Black Trim Bin Filter
Black Trim Bin Filter

Black Trim Bin Filter

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The Trim Bin Filter is a must have addition to your shop during the next harvest season. This large plastic trim station filter sorts grades while you work as waste falls through the filter gird leaving your work area clear. It's high walls also help keep your workplace mess free and easy to clean up once the task is completed. The Trim Bin Filter can work as a stand alone sorting tray or an ultra light weight work area. Turn any chair into your own personal trim station! T hanks to its ergonomic design this bin increases productivity and reduces strain on your back, shoulders and wrists. Each Trim Bin Filter comes with one 16x17.5 inch collection bag that attaches to the bottom of the bin. The Trim Bin Filter also nests into all other Trim Bins to create the ultimate trim station.

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