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Canna Wraps Original 2-Pack Hemp Papers 24/Box
Canna Wraps Original 2-Pack Hemp Papers

Canna Wraps Original 2-Pack Hemp Papers 24/Box

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Canna Wraps are the Original Hemp Wrap and are unlike any other wrap on the market. Canna Wraps Hemp Wraps are made in the USA, from real American hemp. Many brands claim to be made with hemp, but actually contain very little, if any. These wraps are imported from countries where there is little regulation. Perhaps you have wondered what is in those wraps? They're made with chemical fillers with names like "Bermicol 250." They can even contain clay and other materials, such as jute or Kenaf, not real hemp. With other brands you're getting the same artificial wrap you always got, just re-branded as hemp.

Only the finest quality hemp goes into making CannaWraps. Our hemp is meticulously sourced to provide a superior color, texture, flavor and burn. To make them stick, we use a natural non-toxic acacia sugar, so CannaWraps are 100% Vegan, too. Our exclusive, proprietary, eco-friendly process produces a superior product. We do not use any artificial fillers, chemicals or additives.

CannaWraps are the premier Natural, Organic, and Sustainably Sourced Hemp Wraps. In addition to eliminating toxic pollution from our production, we are dedicated to further reducing our industry's carbon footprint.

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