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Cassida 5520 UV Currency Counter
Cassida 5520 UV Currency Counter

Cassida 5520 UV Currency Counter

Your Price: $258.95
Part Number: 857287 002094
Case Quantity: 1 Counter
A currency counter so advanced, it's simple The Cassida 5520 is a professional currency counter designed with users in mind.

Equipped with features designed to save time and simplify operation, it is ready to take on a variety of cash-processing jobs.
User friendly Intuitive operation, simple controls, and automatic features make the Cassida 5520 easy to operate. Half, double and chain note detection Infrared sensors are able to spot a wide range of bill discrepancies, including half, double, and chain notes. In all cases, the 5520 will stop the count, alert the user with a beep, and display the error type on its screen.
Counterfeit detection Ultraviolet (UV and UV/MG models), and magnetic sensors (UV/MG model) are able to detect a wide range of counterfeit bills.
Once a counterfeit is detected, the 5520 stops the count and dispenses the suspect bill into its stacker for removal.
Mobile Lightweight and compact, the Cassida 5520 is easily transported using the built-in handle.
Its contemporary styling blends with any business environment.

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