The Colorado MMED has specific documentation requirements listed on their website page specific to child resistant packaging.  The most recent being bulletin 14-20 which documents the paperwork that needs to be kept at each location. The below listed documentation is to assist you in staying compliant. Please keep informed if there is anything we can do to help you stay compliant. 

PST-13 CPSC Test Report

PST-19 CPSC Test Report

PST-30 CPSC Test Report

PST-60 CPSC Test Report

Microvial Squeezetops 074300 Child Resistant Test Results

Microvials Squeezetops 071100 Child Resistant Test Results

Child Resistant Buckets Test Results

Child Resistant Exit Bag CREB-912 Test Report

Stink Sack Secure Test Report

Colorado No Change Letter to Customers from Manufacturer

This page serves to provide documentation and a quick reference resource for all certifications or claims made about our products.

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