Cones® Electric Vibrating Pre Roll Filling Machines

The Electric Vibrating Cones® Fillers are the fastest and most effective way to mass fill your pre rolled cones. These fillers are a two piece system which include the bottom electric vibrating base and the top cone filler. The vibrating base and top filling device are sold separately a will not work without one another. The top filling device is available with pre cut holes that fit nearly all our pre rolled cone sizes. The Cones® sizes include: 70mm, 84mm, 98mm, 109mm, Slim, 140mm & the 180mm. So whether you're a large dispensary or a small independent grower, the Cones® electric vibrating filling machine is a must have for your work environment. Get shopping now by using the handy size chart located below, or shop using the photo categories .

Electric* Length Cones® Sizes Capacity
200-0046 70mm Single Size 85 Cones
200-0044 84mm Special Small 85 Cones
200-0043 98mm Small / Small De Luxe 85 Cones
200-0011 109mm King Size / King Size De Luxe 85 Cones
200-0008 109mm Slim Size 109 Cones
200-0010 140mm Party Size 55 Cones
200-0045 180mm Super Size 19 Cones
*Requires Vibrating Base (200-0051)