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Cosmetic Jar 5ml Standard- Miron Violet Glass
Cosmetic Jar Without Lid

Cosmetic Jar 5ml Standard- Miron Violet Glass

On sale $7.95 $4.87
Part Number: CD-S-05
Case Quantity: 1
Ht: 25.8mm ± 0.6mm
Dia. : 36.11mm + 1.0/-0.5mm
Weight: 36 gr
Material: Violet Glass
Quantity(Cases) Price
1 - 94 $4.87
95 - 949 $3.87
950 - 1899 $3.18
1900+ $3.00
Cosmetic Jars for protecting and extending the shelf life of your medicinal products.MADE IN SWITZERLAND
Bottle and store your products in MIRON Violet-Glass and preserve the bio-energy by protecting it from harmful light rays! Your bottle, cosmetic jar, wideneck jar, and apothecary jar should be made of MIRON-Glass.

As with all glass products, we recommend washing the jars before use, as dust may have settled within the product

Number CD-S-5
Height 25,8 ± 0,6mm
Diameter 36,11 + 1,0 / -0,5mm
Weight 36gr
Special design Material Violet glass
Product Status Standard product
Production Type Automatic
Capacity to fill point 5 ml
Capacity brimfull 7,4 ± 1,0 ml
Label height 10,5 mm
Weight and height incl. lid.

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