1. Custom Concentrate Containers

Custom Concentrate Containers

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420 Packaging has many options for storing concentrates, seeds, resins, and oils. Any of these containers can be personalized with a custom designed label applied to the lid.

Plastic Containers with Silicone-Insert
One of our most popular is the screw-top polystyrene container with a silicone insert. These hinged lid polystyrene plastic containers feature a non stick, colored, silicone insert that prevents the stickies of oils from getting stuck to the container. This silicone insert has a 5 dram capacity (10ml) and are available in black, white, or natural non stick silicone. The airtight seal keeps contents fresh and odor free. Product ships assembled.

Acrylic Containers
Acrylic Jars are made of crystal clear plastic and come with a clear lid that maintain an airtight seal to keep contents fresh and odor free.

Polypropylene Containers
Our polypropylene containers are useful for storing and transporting small items, such as seeds, while maintaining its freshness and purity. The strong, attached lid is sure to keep the contents secure. Made with high quality medical polypropylene plastic, these small plastic vials are FDA Compliant and Food Safe.

The Squeezetops® Microvial series is ideal for storing seeds, concentrates or finely ground medicinal product. These small plastic containers will keep your product safe and secure with our air and moisture resistant lid. It is uniquely designed to be child-resistant because of our squeeze-to-open hinged-lid. Another great thing about our plastic containers is that they are made with Medical and Laboratory Grade Polypropylene. There is no need to worry about your medicinal product losing its purity because our containers are FDA compliant and safe for food. Since this opaque plastic container is solid, it adheres to numerous states’ exit laws, making it a perfect choice for dispensary use.

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