Custom Cones - Your Logo On A Cone

Custom Cones - Your Logo On A Cone
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Custom Cones® are a fun and effective way to advertise your dispensary, collective, or business. Is there any better way to get your dispensaries name out into the world than putting your logo on the Cone your customers are smoking? We don’t think so! Through this process we allow our customers to pick the Cone size and paper type they want their logo on and we take care of the rest. This process can get a bit complex but we are here to walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Select your Cone®
Custom Cones® are available in both the original rice paper and natural paper options in all of our large case sizes. Cones available in the large case quantities are the:
- 70mm Single Size
- 84mm Special Small Size
- 98mm Small Size
- 98mm De Luxe Small Size
- 109mm King Size
- 109mm De Luxe King Size
- 109mm Slim
- 140mm Party Size
After selecting the Cone size you want, write down the part number as you will need it for purchasing. Part Numbers can be found under the "Sizing Guide" tab on this page.

Step 2: Quantity
How many Cones do you want customized? We require a minimum purchase total of 48 boxes of cones. That amount equals out to 24,000 to 48,000 individual Cones® depending on the size Cone you select. One should note we do not allow variations of Cone sizes. You must purchase 48 boxes of one size to be able to customize.

Step 3: Artwork
This is obviously a very important step in the customization process as we need to make sure the artwork is absolutely perfect so the finished product turns out as desired. We require the artwork to be submitted in a Photoshop or Illustrator file in vector format with a minimum of 600dpi. If you do not have the capabilities to submit in either of those formats let us know and we can figure something out that works for you! Select colors are available for printing. With this, please note that your artwork cannot take up the entire cone from filter to tip, nor can artwork wrap 360 degrees around the cone. Artwork will be sized down by the Cones Artwork Team and depending on your preference will be placed either on the bottom of the paper or the filter. Please see the example images to see logo placement options.

Step 4: Submitting Your Order
Once you have completed these preliminary steps you are ready to submit your Custom Cones® order to us! To submit, send an Email to [email protected] with the following information:
- Name, Phone Number & Billing Address
- Cone Part Number You Wish To Have Customized
- Quantity Of Cones You Wish To Order
- Your Custom Artwork File
Once sent, a member of our sales team will promptly review your order and get back to you with more details and payment information.

Special Notes!
- Custom orders require a minimum purchase of 48 boxes of Cones
- All 48 boxes must be the same size Cone with the same art work on each Cone
- Artwork cannot take up the entire Cone, nor can it wrap 360 degrees around the Cone.
- Custom Cones orders must be paid in full before production is started. There are no exceptions to this rule.
- No credit cards will be accepted as payment. Acceptable payment methods are: Company Check, Cashier’s Check, Direct Deposit or Money Order.
- With artwork approval and resizing, Cone printing and over seas shipping, Custom Cones take approximately 12 to 14 weeks to complete. There is no way to expedite this process.

Custom Cones Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum purchase amount?
A: Yes, customers must purchase at least 48 boxes of the Cones® size they want customized

Q: Can I mix and match Cones sizes?
A: No, customization requires at least 48 boxes of one size of Cones®

Q: Can I break the 48 boxes into multiple colors or logos?
A: No, every cone must have the same logo and color

Q: Do I have to pay the order amount in full?
A: Yes, due to the over head costs of these custom orders we do require all custom cones® order to be paid in full before the order can be started

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept: company checks, cashier's checks, direct deposit or money orders. Unfortunately at this time we do not accept credit cards for custom orders.

Q: After I submit my payment and order, how long will it take to get my Custom Cones®?
A: Custom Cones® orders take approximately 12 to 18 weeks depending on the order

Q: Why does it take so long?
A: Custom Cones® have an extra lead time due to the multi step process that these Cones® have to go through. From design to printing to shipping, our Cones® designers take great pride in their artistry and want to make sure every cone looks absolutely perfect! After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.

Q: Can you expedite my order?
A: Unfortunately, no. These orders legitimately take this amount of time to create and cannot be expedited.

Q: What format should I submit my artwork in?
A: We require artwork to be submitted in Photoshop or Illustrator files in Vector format. Other file types may be accepted upon request.

Q: Can my artwork take up the whole Cone or wrap all the way around?
A: No. as seen in the photos above, artwork may go on the bottom of the paper or on the filter. Artwork cannot wrap all the way around as we cannot print on the seam of the Cone.

Single Size 0.4g 70mm 26mm 010-0008 / 010-0015
Special Small 0.6g 84mm 26mm 010-0021 / 010-0009
Small 1.0g 98mm 20mm 010-0004 / 010-0010
Small De Luxe 0.8g 98mm 26mm 010-0005 / 010-0011
Slim 0.5g 109mm 40mm 010-0006 / 010-0014
King 1.3g 109mm 20mm 010-0001 / 010-0012
King De Luxe 1.1g 109mm 26mm 010-0007 / 010-0013
Party 1.8g 140mm 20mm 010-0003 Original Only