Cyclones Clear Grape Flavored Cones 24/Box

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Cyclones Clear Grape Flavored Cones 24/Box
Cyclones Clear Grape Flavored Cones
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Cyclones Clear Cones use an innovative pre-rolled cone shape which is designed for easy filling as well as giving our customers a great tasting product where your last puff is as good as your first. These Grape flavored cones use a unique clear material that allows users to see your product while smoking. The Cyclones Clear Cones come in a 24 tube display case that features two, 75mm, cones per tube for a grand total of 48 cones per box. These tubes use a secure screw top lid that keeps the cones fresh for long as possible and ensure that your cones will not come out of the tube in your pocket!

- Cones Are Made From Asiatic Cotton Mallow
- Smooth Burning
- Clear Cones Are Completely See Through
- Grape Flavored Cones
- 2 Cones Per Screw Top Plastic Tube
- 24 Tubes Per Display Case

Cones Size: 75mm / 2.75 inches.