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Hemp Twine Ball #20
Hemp Gardening Twine

Hemp Twine Ball #20

Your Price: $5.45
Part Number: HS20CO
Case Quantity: 1 Spool
Hemp Twine Ball #20
Natural Hemp Twine #20 by Hemptique is an excellent choice for use in crafts, gardening and landscaping. Hemp is a pure and natural Eco-friendly fiber.
100% HEMP
Finish: Unpolished
Length: Approximately 300 Feet / 91.4 Meters
#20 = 1mm thickness
Biodegradable, Eco Friendly, and Oil Free..
Hemptique's Hemp twine is an Earth-Friendly alternative to using oil-processed rope in your gardening:

NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process, item may be slightly lighter or darker than shown.

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