Humidity, Oxygen, & Moisture Control

Herbs and other smokable plant products should ideally be stored in dark, cool areas in humidity levels between 55% and 62%. Thankfully, humidity levels have never been easier to maintain with humidity packs. Humidity packs are designed to maintain optimal humidity levels for perishable plant products, such as tobacco and herbs, and are available in five different humidity control levels. Higher humidity levels, such 69%, 72%, 75%, are used for curing many plant products, while lower levels, 62%, 65%, are great for preserving quality in long term storage. Humidity packs come in three sizes, 4 gram, 8 gram, and 67 grams. The smaller humidity packs are useful for keeping a few grams from getting harsh and dry. Larger packs are useful for dispensaries to maintain large quantities of strains at the right humidity levels. Maintaining the appropriate relative humidity allows for a longer retention of terpenes and trichomes, while also protecting plants from developing molds that grow in high levels of humidity.