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King Palm 5 Piece King Size Wraps 15/Box
King Palms 5 Piece King Size Pack Display Box

King Palm 5 Piece King Size Wraps 15/Box

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Case Quantity: 1 box of 15 packs
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King Palms are hand rolled king palm leafs that are shaped into a tube. These tubes are sold as an empty, preservative and tobacco free, pre rolled leaf. Just remove the inserted paper tube before filling with your herbal products and pack it down the the provided wooden packing stick. The time saving convenience of the pre-built, 30mm corn husk crutch will allow you to take bigger pulls when desired. The leaf itself smokes beautifully, its slow burning characteristic allows you to sit back and relax while not worrying about your herbs quickly getting burned away. The taste of a king palm natural leaf is minimal, and more importantly, it helps bring out the flavor of the high quality product you are pairing it with. No preservatives or chemicals are ever added to these wraps!

This item is the King Palms 5 Piece King Size Packs Display Case. This display case comes with 15 king size 5-packs.

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