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Kingpin Magic Wraps 25/Box
Kingpin Magic Wraps

Kingpin Magic Wraps 25/Box

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Part Number: Kingpin Magic Wraps
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Case Quantity: 1 box of 25/4 packs
These n wraps come packaged in a foil sealed pouch that has a zipper to ensure your last wrap is just as fresh as the first one was.
They feature a new "Perfect Fold Technology" where each wrap is folded in the perfect place for easy rolling.
Each pouch contains 4 wraps. Each box contains 25 pouches, that's 100 wraps per box.

Kingpin Wraps- flavored wraps.
Individual pack of 4.
25 individual packs per display.
9 Flavors to choose from.
Spanish Fly: Sangria
Bahama Mama: Coconut Rum
Laid Back: Fruit Punch
4 wraps per pack.

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