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Mylar Bag Heat Sealing Machine (12 Inch)
Mylar Bag Heat Sealing Machine

Mylar Bag Heat Sealing Machine (12 Inch)

Your Price: $62.95
Mylar Bag Sealer 12" Poly Bag Sealer
Part Number: PFS 300 Machine
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12" Impulse heat sealer is ideal for retail sales of herbal products at dispensaries or collectives bag sealing. Requires no warm-up just plug it in and it is ready to go. Light weight and portable. Adjustable time and light indicator lets you know when a tight seal is complete. Excellent quality impulse heat sealer.

These TOP QUALITY PROFESSIONAL GRADE impulse sealers are powerful units that seal bags for a great variety of commercial industries and applications. Such as, retail, produce, grocery stores, and industrial sealing. They are INDUSTRIAL HEAVY DUTY, yet affordable and easy to use, which makes them a great alternative bag sealing applications. The sealing process is simple: The operator places the bag over the sealing element and lowers the upper jaw thus activating the unit. The seal process quickly ends once the preset seal time is reached. The operator retrieves the sealed bag and repeats the process.

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