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Open LED Store Sign
Open LED Store Sign

Open LED Store Sign

Your Price: $33.95
Part Number: 020520
Case Quantity: 1 Sign
Open LED Sign 19" x 10"

One brand new animated LED Sign. These high end store front display are the perfect addition to any medical store, Dispensary, or home!
These ultra bright LED signs are brighter than the neon sign and highly visible even under daylight. Make your store stand out! Draw in more customers!
These signs have a much lower energy consumption rate than similar neon products.
Reliable LED signs can be left on 24/7 without any issues. We use BIG Chip LED's only for our LED signs. Other sellers only sell the small chip. It is much less expensive and not nearly as bright. We figure it is worth the difference in cost. The purpose of the sign is to draw in business.

? Operating voltage: 110 VAC Up to 100,000 hours of operation time
? Power ON/OFF switch
? UL Approved power cord
? 8 Watt power consumption (energy efficient!)
? Light weight and easy to install
? Safe to touch and operate
? Indoor use only
? Super slim frame design
? Metal hanging chain included

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