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Oxygen Absorbers 100 CC - 100/Bag
Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen Absorbers 100 CC - 100/Bag

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Part Number: Oxygen Absorbers-100 CC
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Case Quantity: 100/Bag
100cc Oxygen Absorber.
Three 100cc packets are recommended for use in a #10 can or equivalent size container. You will receive 100 oxygen absorbing packets in each bag.

The type of packaging and the food bag/container seal are crucial for the effectiveness of the oxygen absorber. A minor packaging fault or leak can render the oxygen absorber useless and the contents inside the package will perish. Thus, a high barrier package (with a low oxygen transmission rate), such as our Mylar bags, and efficient seal techniques need to be employed. In an effective storage environment, our oxygen absorbers will reliably bring the oxygen level down to 0.01% or less.

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