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ProScale Slick Kit Scale Dab Kit Combo
ProScale Slick Kit Scale Dab Kit Combo

ProScale Slick Kit Scale Dab Kit Combo

Your Price: $34.95
Part Number: 716165 162926
Case Quantity: 1 Scale
Pro Scale is a concentrate weighing scale kit for weighing on the go. Its compact carrying case makes it easy to weigh concentrates and more with its stainless steel tray and its easy to read LCD blue screen. The kit comes equipped with its personal mini slick mat, two 3ml silicone containers, one Metal dabber tool, one Pro scale, and its compact carrying case. It's just over five inches long, and only an inch thick! You can take this scale pretty much anywhere. This tiny scale's hard protective cover is great for keeping your scale safe when you aren't using it...and it doubles as a nice concentrate area.

Stainless Steel Platform
has a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze. Stainless steel is great because it doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

Energy Saving Auto-Off
will automatically turn off after about 45 seconds of inactivity, saving battery power and money.

If you ever have a problem with this Triton T3 pocket scale, just send it to My Weigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix it or replace it, and send it on its way back to you within two working days.

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