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Silly-Pads Concentrate Pad 8x12
Silly Pads Concentrate Pad

Silly-Pads Concentrate Pad 8x12

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Part Number: SSJ Silicone Pad 8x12
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Silly-Pads, Silicone Concentrate Pad

Recover 100% every time. Engineered specifically for concentrates Silly-Pads allows you to use the stickiest resin with no waste or mess.
Production and collection are a simple with Silly-Pads.
Nothing sticks to the Silly-Pad!
Perfect surface for drying water extracts.
Sticky tools stay clean of debris, while slippery glass stays put.
When used during personal consumption, Silly-Pads protects your glass tools, and lets you reclaim oil lost during use. Slick Stack Pads are great for 100% Recovery.

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