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Spotted Metal Clipper Lighters 30/Box
Spotted Metal Butane Lighters

Spotted Metal Clipper Lighters 30/Box

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Part Number: 091585 023904
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Case Quantity: 30
Regardless of what you smoke, a high quality lighter with a cool design is a must have. Clipper butane lighters are just that, a refillable, sturdy lighter that comes in so many different designs and styles there is sure to be one that fits your needs or style. These Clipper Lighters feature 3 different spotted metal color options, clean and simple. Made in Spain these lighters are sold in a 30 lighter brick and each lighter features a removable flint that doubles as a packing and rolling stick. Clipper Lighters are great for your shop or dispensary or maybe just for the one person that can never seem to find their lighter!

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