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Squeezetops® PST19 Transparent Child Resistant Containers 900/Box
Squeezetops® Transparent PST19 Child Resistant Vials

Squeezetops® PST19 Transparent Child Resistant Containers 900/Box

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19 Dram USA Made Squeezetops® Plastic Containers
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PST19-Transparent is the third smallest Squeezetops® container, holding approximately 3.5 grams of medicinal product, and is available in numerous see through color options. The great thing about a transparent, see-through plastic container is that you get to see just how much product you have. You will never be surprised opening up your child resistant plastic container and realizing you don’t have any medication left. That would suck. All Squeezetops® are designed with squeeze-to-open hinged-lids, making them certified child resistant. Not only is the design awesome, but also the material it’s made from. We use the highest quality Class VI Medical Grade Polypropylene plastic; which makes it FDA approved, keeping your product in its purest condition. PST19 is a great choice for holding a bit more product and still allowing it to fit in your pocket or bag.

Here’s the fine print:
The Squeezetops® PST19 plastic container was evaluated using the consumer product safety commission protocol and standards. The study indicates the PST19 container fulfills the requirements for a poison prevention package as per the current code of federal regulations (C.F.R.) Title 16, Part 1700.

For a list of our certifications, check the certification tab.

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