Squeezetops® PST60 Fluorescent Pink Child Resistant Containers SPECIAL 275/Box

Part Number:PST60-FLP-275-SPECIAL
Squeezetops® PST60 Fluorescent Pink Child Resistant Containers SPECIAL 275/Box
Squeezetops® PST60 Fluorescent Pink Child Resistant Containers
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PST60 Flo Pink is the ultimate granddaddy of the Squeezetops® plastic child resistant containers. These opaque medical containers hold up to 14 grams medication making them perfect for long term storage or just a crazy night out with friends! The opaque colors allow your product to be unseen and perfect for transport to and from dispensaries. Since it is opaque and very discreet, these child resistant plastic containers adhere to numerous states’ child resistant guidelines, regulations, and laws. All Squeezetops® are designed with squeeze-to-open hinged-lids, making them certified child resistant. These solid colored, opaque, plastic containers adhere to many state exit laws and are a fantastic choice for dispensary use. Not only is the design awesome, but also the material it’s made from. We use the highest quality Class VI Medical Grade Polypropylene plastic; which makes it FDA compliant, keeping your product in its purest condition. Make this large and in charge container a part of your party and social gatherings, you will not be disappointed!

Here’s the fine print:
The Squeezetops® PST60 container was evaluated using the consumer product safety commission protocol and standards. The study indicates the PST60 container fulfills the requirements for a poison prevention package as per the current code of federal regulations (C.F.R.) Title 16, Part 1700.

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420 J-Tubes Made In USA

- Certified Child Resistant Container
- Made From Medical Grade Polypropylene Plastic
- BPA Free, Lead Free & FDA Compliant
- Air & Moisture Resistant Hinged Lid
- Fluorescent Mix Comes With Random Selection Of Up To 6 Opaque Neon Colors (Pink, Aurora Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green & Blue)
- Recyclable Polypropylene #5
- Made In USA

The PST60 (60Dram) Will Hold Approximately 14 Grams Of Medication


Outside Dimensions
2.02" Dia. X 5.33"Ht.

Inside Dimensions
1.72" Dia. X 5.13" Ht.


Outside Dimensions
51.31mm Dia. X 135.38mm Ht.

Inside Dimensions
43.69mm Dia. X 130.30mm Ht.

7.50 oz 60 drams 221.80 mL