Squeezetops® Random Color Mix Child Resistant Vials (074300-CR) 1000/Box

Part Number: BMIX SALE 074300 CR 1000 pcs -BMIX
Squeezetops® Random Color Mix Child Resistant Vials (074300-CR) 1000/Box
Squeezetops 074300-CR Random Color Mix
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J-Tubes are long plastic tubed containers that are a designed to hold pre-rolled cones and keep medicinal product fresh during transport and storage. Keeping pre-rolled cones inside our long and skinny plastic containers gives you worry free security. J-Tubes won’t open up inside of your pocket or bag, keeping your product in perfect condition. J-Tubes have the same uniquely designed child resistant squeeze-to-open hinged-lid as our Squeezetops® plastic containers. We proudly make Squeezetops® in the USA and use the highest quality polypropylene plastic, which makes them FDA compliant and 100% recyclable. By using this high quality medical grade plastic we can ensure that your product will be as safe as possible in the container.

The Random Mix Box is a random assortment of both transparent and opaque color options.

420 J-Tubes Made In USA Made by 420Packaging in the USA.

0.75" Diameter Series

Outside Dimensions
0.755" Dia. X 4.500"Ht.

Inside Dimensions
0.608" Dia. X 4.470" Ht.

12.7mm Diameter Series

Outside Dimensions
19.18mm Dia. X 114.3mm Ht.

Inside Dimensions
15.44mm Dia. X 113.54mm Ht.

0.31 oz 5.00 drams 18.48 mL

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