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  5. Squeezetops® Random Color Mix Child Resistant Vials (074300-CR) 1000/Box
Squeezetops® Random Color Mix Child Resistant Vials (074300-CR) 1000/Box
Squeezetops 074300-CR Random Color Mix

Squeezetops® Random Color Mix Child Resistant Vials (074300-CR) 1000/Box

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USA Made Child Resistant Hinged Lid Plastic Tubes
Part Number: BMIX SALE 074300 CR 1000 pcs -BMIX

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J-Tubes are long plastic tubed containers that are a designed to hold pre-rolled cones and keep medicinal product fresh during transport and storage. Keeping pre-rolled cones inside our long and skinny plastic containers gives you worry free security. J-Tubes won’t open up inside of your pocket or bag, keeping your product in perfect condition. J-Tubes have the same uniquely designed child resistant squeeze-to-open hinged-lid as our Squeezetops® plastic containers. We proudly make Squeezetops® in the USA and use the highest quality polypropylene plastic, which makes them FDA compliant and 100% recyclable. By using this high quality medical grade plastic we can ensure that your product will be as safe as possible in the container.

The Random Mix Box is a random assortment container colors. A BMIX box can have multiple colors or can all be one single color.

Please note, unfilled 109mm cones will fit perfectly inside tube. Filled and twisted 109mm cones will have extra space inside tube. For exact measurements on our plastic J-Tubes, please see the measurements tab on each product.

420 J-Tubes Made In USA Made by 420Packaging in the USA.

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