Squeezetops® PST19 Random Mix Child Resistant Containers 900/Box

Part Number: PST-19-BMIX
Squeezetops® PST19 Random Mix Child Resistant Containers 900/Box
Squeezetops® PST19 Random Mix Child Resistant Container
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Consider these Squeezetops an island of misfit toys. They aren't pretty or matching but they get the job done! The BMIX box of Squeezetops Child Resistant Plastic Containers is a random mix of opaque, transparent and imperfect color options.

PST19-BMIX is the third size in the Squeezetops® container line, holding approximately 3.5 grams of medicinal product, and is a solid color. This size is great for a few users or getting your medicine from dispensaries. All Squeezetops® are designed with squeeze-to-open hinged-lids, making them uniquely certified child resistant. Not only is the design awesome, but also the material it’s made from. We use the highest quality Class VI Medical Grade Polypropylene plastic; which makes it FDA approved, keeping your product in its purest condition. PST19 is a great choice for holding a bit more product and still allowing it to fit in your pocket or bag.

Here’s the fine print:
The Squeezetops® PST19 plastic container was evaluated using the consumer product safety commission protocol and standards. The study indicates the PST19 container fulfills the requirements for a poison prevention package as per the current code of federal regulations (C.F.R.) Title 16, Part 1700.

For a list of our certifications, check the certification tab.

420 J-Tubes Made In USA

Medical grade plastic.
Easy-open lid, Airtight- keeps contents fresh.
Odortight for secure storage and content privacy.
Molded of natural gas based polypropylene.
FDA approved material.
100% recyclable and Made in USA.

The PST19 (19 Dram) Will hold approximately 3.5 Grams of medication


Outside Dimensions
1.65" Dia. X 2.75"Ht.

Inside Dimensions
1.39" Dia. X 2.54" Ht.


Outside Dimensions
41.91mm Dia. X 69.85mm Ht.

Inside Dimensions
35.31mm Dia. X 64.52mm Ht.

2.38 oz 19 drams 70.24 mL

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