Squeezetops® are a unique brand of certified child resistant, USA made plastic containers. These 420 containers are made from a sturdy and safe polypropylene plastic, which is perfect for storing and transporting your medication. These hinged-lid containers are available in 5 different sizes fitting 1 gram up to 14 grams of 420 medication. These containers are available in over 30 different color options including state compliant, opaque colors. To open these child resistant containers, simply squeeze the sides of the container to make the top pop open! Not sure if you have a certified, USA made, Squeezetops container? Check the bottom of the container for the "Squeezetops®" Logo!

Also available are the Microvial Squeezetop tubes. These child resistant tubes offer the same great features as the bigger PST options but come in the skinnier sizes making them perfect for storing concentrates and seed in the smaller sizes, to pre-rolled cones in the larger options.

420Packaging Squeezetops Made In USA 420 marijuana containers