Setting Up Your Tax Free Wholesale Account

A Tax Free Wholesale Account is a great way for California and Nevada Dispensary, Co-Op and other business owners to get tax free status on our high-quality products at To qualify for a Tax Free Wholesale Account, all you need is your valid state reseller's number!
To set up your new wholesale account just follow these 3 easy steps! Please read all the steps before starting the process as some steps may overlap one another.

Step 1: Create A Account Here!

Step 2: If your business is located in California or Nevada, please fill out this California BOE Resale Form or Nevada Resale Form and save it to your desktop. If you are located in a different state, please proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: Once you have created your account and filled out the Resale Form, please email our sales team at [email protected] Along with your personal information, please attach your completed Resale Form to the email to finish the wholesale account application process! If you are located outside of California or Nevada, we require you to provide us with your state's Reseller / State Tax ID Number in your email to us. Once reviewed and accepted by our sales team, we will promptly email you back with your wholesale account information and you can start purchasing your tax free Containers, Cones, Labels, Bags.

Please note, any orders placed before application approval will not be tax free. Please wait to order until you have received the approval email from our sales department. We thank you for your business and continued support of tax free wholesale accounts are for resale orders only!  Once a tax free wholesale account is established you agree that you will resell the items (Packaging products, containers, bags, labels) which you are purchasing under the filed resale certificate in the form of tangible property in the regular course of your business operations, and will do so prior to making any use of the item(s) other than demonstration and display while holding the item(s) for sale in the regular course of your business. You understand that if you use the item(s) purchased under the certificate in any manner other than as just described, You will owe use tax based on each item's purchase price or as otherwise provided by law.

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